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Labels and packages are the “clothes” your products wear. That’s why it’s so important for them to be excellent and catch the eye. It’s the most important element for the style of your product. The label:
» Is a powerful (marketing) weapon.
» Is a mediator in your connection with the client.
» Is your best advertiser.
» Find your way of making your label “speak” only good for you.
» If you can’t do it by yourself – we’ll be happy to help.
» Trust us! Lets “sew” together the new clothes for your products!

Self adhesive labels on a roll

Ex-press offers high-quality label printing on a roll for a wide range of materials:
» Self-adhesive paper;
» White and transparent PP, PE;
» Metalized papers and folios;
» Special paper and cardboards.
Labels are offered die-cutted. Additional extra-specials: UV varnish, hot-foil and cold-foil stamping, embossing, lamination.
Letterpress technology gives the possibility to print with photorealistic quality and perfect quality to all kinds of materials.
Self-adhesive labels are meant for gluing by hand or by machine.
The new technology gives the amazing opportunity to print on both sides, including the gluing layer.

Self-adhesive labels on a roll with back-side printing (glue-side printing)

From the beginning of 2009 Ex-press offers special labels – printed on their gluing side. This technology is perfect for transparent packing, mostly because it removes the need of a second label.
These labels are suitable for pharmaceutical and medical packing, because again remove the need of another packing (box). They are also used for promotions, lotteries, prescription products, etc.

IML labels

Ex-press is one of the few Bulgarian printing companies, producing “In-Mould” labels.
They are “moulded” to the packing and are printed to the same material as it. The advantages are obvious and give competitiveness to the client. In certain productions these labels are irreplaceable (ice creams, dairy products, paints, varnishes, etc.) and in others are just entering massively.
This technology saves expenses on labeling and shortens the production cycle, guaranteeing preservation of the product under different conditions – low and high temperatures, evaporation, and other aggressive factors.

Sleeve labels

Self-adhesive and non-adhesive labels

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