EX-PRESS LTD is a company specialized in the field of printing services.

Started as an offset printing house, nowadays the company offers a high-quality letterpress, offset and digital printing of self-adhesive labels on a roll. Investments in recent years have focused mainly on equipment with new printing technology for self-adhesive labels intended for manual and machine gluing.

We started with the idea of offering quality for small and medium orders. We tried to be as flexible as possible, to respond quickly and to meet the various requirements of our customers. We turned it all into a work style and ... the recognition was not late.

Nowadays, EX-PRESS is a guarantee for correctness and professionalism, a reliable partner that will not mislead you. We do not divide our clients into small and big ones, we work so that they are all satisfied with their partnership with us. Because we believe and work so that we succeed together. Our strongest weapon - a great team and a passion for work, individual attitude to each client. The combination with a well-equipped printing base makes us confident in offering high quality products.

We offer various printing

And if it is true that people judge a book by its cover, then the labels are your first chance to keep the buyer's eyes.