Productive, economical and flexible solution for printing of labels and packaging. Suitable for small print runs and personalization.

Advantages of digital printing:
• Eliminates the cost of plates or chemistry;
• Generates little or no waste;
• Requires much less setup time than conventional printing;
• Repeatability of colours.

Positive features:

HP ElectroInk - A unique technology for liquid ink HP ElectroInk - the only colour process in digital printing, which is comparable to the quality and colour range of offset.

One-Shot Color printing - Allows simultaneous placement of all colour separations of the finished material, preventing displacement problems and allowing you to print on a wide variety of materials.

HP IndiChrome Plus - Extends color flexibility beyond CMYK by offering you: a wider colour range that includes CMYK + OVW (orange, violet, white) ink. Ability to simulate Pantone colours with over 95% accuracy according to the Pantone scale.

Built-in densitometer - Provides colour consistency, precision and accurate repeatability in assignments and allows the operator to refine prints during printing.

Combined print run - Ability to print different labels in one print run.

We offer various printing

And if it is true that people judge a book by its cover, then the labels are your first chance to keep the buyer's eyes.